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Today in the world, there is an increasing number of families or private well-off who, more and more often, go to a family officer in order to manage, increase and not to waste their own patrimony. The family office therefore becomes a global advisor, that is the coordination center for the financial and administrative management of an individual or an entire family.


When the patrimony is too complex or when it involves several generations, the intervention of a third party, independent and not influenced by personal or historical situations is appropriate: in these cases, managing your patrimony on your own may require a lot of time that is, the need of technical skills which the family does not possess, or in any case, an objective analysis which sometimes is impossible to conduct “within” the family group. For these reasons, family offices exist.

The term “family office” is not regulated, and everyone can freely claim the supplying of the related services. Actually, the required interdisciplinary and international skills let only a few people to support on a 360-degree basis the family and individual needs. Some of them are not independent, since they are controlled by banks or insurance institutes; others are financial promoter or mere portfolio managers; still others are former corporate executives with some experience in the private equity field and company takeovers.


Despite working with several lending institutions worldwide, Studio Guzzi is independent and boasts an intrinsically multidisciplinary career: from estate investments to objets d’art, from philanthropy to generational transations, from the family business rebalancing to the foreign outplacement of some members, from the management of the estate heritage to the risk management and its related insurance benefits, from family assets division to the search of partners and investors.


Studio Guzzi is a multi-family office (or a multi-client family office) that is, an organization which offers support to two or more families, without any minimum obligation within the asset context. Thanks to its extended international network filled with professionals and specialists, Studio Guzzi is able to provide private citizens, families, companies and philanthropic institutions with solutions and services. Studio Guzzi, has been active for more than 40 years in Milan, and it assists natural persons and companies both in Italy and abroad.

In the past, the wealthiest families had a private family officer inside (a single-family office). However, this choice is becoming less and less convenient today: the variety of the skills required and the rapidness of changes are so developed that relying on a single person has become inopportune and risky, no matter how trustworthy and competent he/she is. Moreover, the cost of a private family officer is so high that today, regarding patrimonies lower than five hundred million euros, the single-family office is not even convenient economically.

Using a multi-family office service like Studio Guzzi means solidity and continuity of such services, with an operational efficacy and a control over the operating costs, by always maintaining the highest standards discretion and expertise. In which country is better to look for family offices?

Some time ago, people used to seek help from Switzerland-based family officers: however, today, with the nearly total disappearance of the bank discretion and all the scandals which involved banks and trust companies, the Helvetic Confederation is not as attractive as it used to be in the past.

The cultural matrix of the family members is far more important than the family-office headquarters: the family heritage can be managed in anywhere in the world but without the feeling and the mutual comprehension skills, one is unable to prepare the ground for a long-lasting relationship.

Studio Guzzi adapts itself to the Customer’s needs and intervenes exclusively within the requested areas, always enabling the experts and the teams needed to actually solve a problem.

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Davide Guzzi is the senior partner of Studio Guzzi. He is a Bachelor accountant and a business consultant, has given lectures at SDA Bocconi and at Cattolica University, published several books and holds a position in a lot of Boards of business Directors and some non-profit institutions. The strict partnership with hundreds of supported customers made throughout 20 years and more, allowed him to take care of those aspects related to estates, art, technology, tax planning, human resources management, generational transitions, training.

Davide Guzzi is also one of the main experts in Italian foundations; he carried out several project for the Agnelli Foundation of Turin, for the Benetton Study and Research Foundation of Treviso, for the Unidea Foundation of Unicredit banking group.


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Studio Guzzi’s commitment to a constant law upgrade is shown through book and monographies publications, customer newsletters, classes and conventions, articles for newspapers and specialized magazines, specialization and training courses contracts, attendance of study committees and documentation centers. Among the most recent publications, we recommend:

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