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Studio Guzzi is an international network made up of professionals and experts, able to assist private wealthy persons and entrepreneurial families with complex assets, in order to preserve said assets throughout time, and grow them from generation to generation.

Studio Guzzi offers an interdisciplinary approach, which enables to consider, in its entirety, all family and person’s economic, financial, organizational and social dimensions. Our services are given in English or Italian, in any part of the world.

During the last decades, our career path guided us to a solid specialization in estate assets, business management, and in the organized philanthropy management.

Studio Guzzi coordinates, rationalize and consolidates the relationships between different professionals and lending institutions involved in the management of family assets: the role of a family office frees family’s time from the mere management, thus allowing a better enjoyment of the asset itself.

Studio Guzzi, as family’s trustworthy consultant, acts as the “glue” that binds all the different generations within the family, by easing the transfer of knowledge, skills and assets to the descendants. The family office intervenes in every aspect of family life where its participation is needed: from the choice of a private bank to the procedures for buying a boat, from a business selling to the choice of the right college for the kids, from the relocation in a foreign country to the fulfilment of administrative tasks.

Honor, integrity, independence: these are old words, sometimes forgotten, often overused. Here, they are our calling card. Every single day.

Le tre scimmie sagge – Nikko (città)

Privacy is not a law text; it is a lifestyle. According to Studio Guzzi, the discretion about Customers and their patrimony is all-encompassing: we do not spread in any way pictures, names or information learned during the task activity, not even for commercial reference. The use of social networks and, generally, of means of communication is limited to what is strictly needed for the task fulfillment.

We adopt every organizational and technological measure in order to reduce information leakage to the minimum, safe from prying ears. We share with the Customer the most adequate models for heritage planning, by balancing the management simplicity with the levels of discretion requested by the family.

Il quarto stato – Giuseppe Pelizza da Volpedo

Partners and associates of Studio Guzzi are constantly busy with activities and projects, both for the social development and the protection of the territory, by making their own professionalism and experience available in favor of institutions, foundations and companies which are attentive to the sustainability of their choices in the economic, environmental and social field.

Studio Guzzi believes in an active social responsibility, working both as a tool for ethical-professional growth and for the creation of new job opportunities.