Studio Guzzi deals with alternative investments and diversification of the patrimonies.
As an alternative investment, art and collectibles have a front row seat.
And to underline the strong bond of the Studio Guzzi family office with the art world, today at 5 pm we inaugurate and promote an exhibition titled Baronessa Soares e i suoi Artisti Internazionali (Baroness Soares and her International Artists – “Supporting Female Entrepreneurs”). The temporary exposition will take place from 12/12/2017 to 14/12/2017 at the North Gallery, in Strasbourg.
12 artists’ masterpieces will be presented to European representatives,and the leitmotif that will accompany this artistic journey is “women among the feathers of a courageous elegance”.
An exclusive exhibition, where it will be possible to observe, work after work, the characteristics of both delicacy and strength that identify the female universe.