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Not all people can work in a family office: it requires an obsessive discretion, a systematic attention to details, an intellectual curiosity and a strong ability to listen.
A real family officer does not boast of his privileged relationship with powerful men or women, but rather rejoices in the possibility of “making the difference”, even in the smallest things.

Studio Guzzi is unique: its high cultural values and the firm bond between ethic and business are an always rarer setting for such a professional and personal career.
We believe in the individual and in its potentialities, in team work and the richness deriving from international relationships, in the spirit of initiative and in solidarity shown towards who got left behind.

If you recognize yourself in these values, it means that your professional and personal skills can be enhanced to the maximum. Are you curious? Come to know us!

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Senior profiles

Studio Guzzi offers a new perspective, a way to give value to leadership or the career path towards new horizons. The largest consultancy organizations or the most important bank institutions are necessarily slow and strict when facing change; on the other hand, our dimension allows us to be more reactive in dealing with global changes, by providing our Customers with customized answers in a short amount of time.

At Studio Guzzi, nobody is considered as a number: we appreciate who is willing to take on a challenge, because it is a serious matter to us!

Junior profiles

Acting as a springboard: to Studio Guzzi, this represents the start of a new professional career. At Studio Guzzi & Partners it is possible to test yourself with responsibility tasks immediately, and develop elaborate knowledge thanks to the teamwork of seniors.

We believe in training, both professional and personal: we do not have structured hierarchies or standard paths, every person is special and offers an essential help for our projects.

We do not care about what kind of talent you have, but we give a lot of importance to the willingness and the ability to make it available to all Customers.


Thanks to Studio Guzzi & Partners, it is possible to start your own career during your studies. In fact, internships, formative apprenticeships, and study-job programs are available, and they will enable to develop some useful knowledge for a professional growth.

We are looking for young, serious and enthusiast people with an open mind and the will to solve problems.

Here, we do not know the word “boring”!

Career growth paths

Studio Guzzi believes in the individuals’ growth and in the mutual enrichment deriving from the confrontation between different experiences. For this reason, we contributed to the birth of Setter Business School, a fresh and dynamic institution of vocational training, ISO 9001 certified, located – and easy to reach – between Milan and Monza, where you can find a lot of individual and collective classes, among which we suggest:

Time & Project management

Leadership and Delegation

Generational transitions [page class xx of SBS]

Management of customers’ privacy [page class xx of SBS]

Negotiation and conflict management

Management of estate assets [page class xx of SBS]

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Work with people having your same goals. With us, you can give value to your linguistic proficiency, satisfy your need to travel, share the enthusiasm deriving from actually considering yourself as the creator of an important change for the customer.

Our selection activities are entrusted to Setter, an Italian company for the research and selection of personnel. Clicking the following links, you can apply for the profiles created by Studio Guzzi and its Partners:

  • International tax planner – Milan and London
  • Specialist lawyer in commercial law and international contract services
  • Graduate senior accountant
  • Trainee graduate accountant – Milan
  • Senior year students and recent graduates in Economy or Law – Milan