Studio Guzzi – news from June 1, 2016

It starts today, in Amsterdam, the International Forum of European Family offices. Holland, the modern financial hub, was chosen as the location of the event, also to illustrate the subsidies expected by the Netherlands on the subject of innovation, globalization, solar energy and fixed-income investments.

During the Forum, the following issues will be examined:

  • Alternative Credit and Fixed Income Strategies
  • Capitalizing on Real Asset Investments
  • Emerging Markets & Globalization
  • Private Equity/Venture Capital & Angel Investing Opportunities
  • The Importance of Manager Selection and Monitoring
  • Next Generation Philanthropy
  • Opportunities in Direct Investing/Co-Investing
  • Hedge Fund Investing: How to Generate Alpha?
  • Powering the Future – Investing in Energy
  • Regulation, Compliance and Fiduciary Responsibility