Studio Guzzi – news from December 9, 2015

The Family art charter (Fac) is a written agreement made between the family members, concerning a collection of works of art, which supervises – with rules and procedures – the different aspects of the artistic heritage: property, management, protection, appreciation, etc.
The foundation running a private museum is a mere instrument to preserve the family’s artistic heritage throughout time, but the share of values is by far the most important issue; new generations need to get involved through a constant communication (to know the history of the collection), the education for learning to love art, the integration within the management of the family’s collection.
The Fac is a document which summarizes all values and family traditions the collection is based on. It supports the owner’s assets, the donations and loans made to museums, identifies foundations and institutions which collaborate for the heritage promotion, it involves professionals in the field of management meetings, it defines the exchange of information between the family members, it regularizes any other business.