Studio Guzzi – news from March 24, 2016

More than 50.000 Italian historic dwelling have a new opportunity. If, on the one hand, the Law binds the owners to protect them, to keep them in exceptional conditions and to take care of their regular and extra maintenance, on the other hand, a new Internet portal made available by the Government eases the purchase of castles, villas, manor houses and other properties including parks, gardens and environmental vicinities.
The new Ice’s estate portal ( is made to present investment offers for public estates, public or public-private subsidiary societies, aimed at Italian and foreign operators; the portal offers some diversified opportunities of investment, divided into two macro-categories: on the one hand, estates ready to undergo an already-defined esteem (estates suitable for being transformed into prestigious offices or charming hotels); on the other hand, operations of estate development (estates to be transformed or areas to be built).
According to the Association of the Italian historic dwellings (Adsi), 60% of the owners of historic dwellings cannot face all the management and maintenance costs, also due to the persistent crisis of the Italian real estate system (a decrease in revenues) and to the increase in the direct and the indirect taxes. Now, new opportunities of public-private agreements are growing, in order to guarantee the fulfillment of all interests on the field, before the possibility of giving an historic-artistic evaluation of the estate.