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Forziere antico

To Studio Guzzi, the asset management is intended in its widest meaning: not only estate investments, but also estate operations, buying and selling of metals and gemstones, work of art, sport and transport means (boats, airplanes, vintage cars, horses, etc.). Each activity requires a systematic market monitoring, a periodic report based on concise and simple indicators, the analysis of the levels of risk, and the management of its very (administrative) coverage.

Consultancy regarding the right investment choices (asset allocation) requires a global vision, a large experience and a network of relationships which can truly allow to catch every single market opportunity, and not only those available inside a financial promoter’s wallet. Studio Guzzi’s partners, provided with the licenses required by the law within the different markets, own a very deep knowledge on both traditional investments (stock, bonds, funds), and alternative or direct investments. Estate transactions are run by experts in the field, both on an international and specialized level, according to the estate and operation type. The research of counterparties and financing sources is a service reserved for Customers.

Tab Tax e Legal - Bilancia
Bilancia della Giustizia – Dublin Castle

The socio-economic and juridical context is increasingly evolving within the different countries, and therefore there is a more and more significant risk of not applying the legal and financial dispositions of a country correctly, as well as the risk of subjecting one’s own income/capital to a double tax obligation.

Studio Guzzi, in the respect of the highest legality and the local systems, assists the Customer with lawyers and international economists, in order to give more certainty to investments in any part of the world and to coordinate information – sometimes inadequate and imprecise – coming from different geographic areas.

The asset management sometimes includes the purchase and the direct or indirect management of companies: in these situations, Studio Guzzi’s partners offer a complete range of management services, from the simple tax consultancy to the total externalization (full outsourcing) of governance services, which are administrative, financial and of monitoring.

Tab Asset Management - La scuola di Atene
La scuola di Atene – Raffaello Sanzio

When the relation of trust becomes deep, it is normal the fact that the family officer transforms into the Customer’s counselor or coach, also dealing with all decisions concerning the private sphere. Studio Guzzi’s partners are used to manage, with extreme sensitivity and discretion, even all issues linked to the circle of life: from the generation gap to the will, from children education to premarital agreements, from the search for a caregiver to life insurance, from discrete philanthropy to a more “visual” charity, from inheritance distribution to the organization of parties and events, from the relocation of the relative who wants to change country to the assistance for the visa attainment.